Month: December 2015


Tell me
Your life story
I want to know it all
At once
I need to hear your history
Tell me
Your favorite cereal
What kind of soap you use
What pushes your buttons
Which foot gets the sock first,
Left or right?
Tell me
Your favorite recipe, your go-to when you don’t want to cook

Tell me
About your family
Which sister do you like better?
Your friends
The tall ones, the ones you tried to fight,
The ones you’ve told about me
Your favorite song, the one
That brings warm tears to your eyes
I want to bathe in your you-ness
To savor your smell
I want to study your tattoos,
Tell me
Their stories
Your most hidden secrets

Tell me
About that look in your eyes when we drank coffee together in December,
That side-eyed sparkle, a hint of what could be
Tell me
The future came rushing in and you had visions of us together
Tell me
That look was what you saw in me too.