Month: February 2016


Dear highway bunny,
Did you hear me coming?
Did you see my headlights approach?
As I drove furiously through the dark
My engine disrupting the Mojave stillness
You appeared from nowhere
Pure illumination
Lithe body
Perky ears
A flash, inches from my bumper
I could not swerve, and I struck you.

Dear highway bunny,
I did stop the car
I did turn around
To find you perfectly, gently displayed in the road
The yellow median lines bisecting your still-intact body
You could have been sleeping
I dreaded finding you alive, and having to snap your neck
But it was already done

Dear highway bunny,
I hope it was quick
I hope you felt little pain
I placed my hand firmly on your rib cage and felt your slowing heartbeat, silky fur, warm body
Your wide eye, though fixated on me, did not move or twitch
And I knew you were gone
I slid my right hand under your chest
And my left over your spine
And tenderly lifted you
As your head fell, limp,
And I placed you under a shrub on the dusty shoulder, off the roadway

Dear highway bunny,
Could you feel it?
When I placed my hand one last time over your heart?
I tried to tell you through my touch
About my regret
How sorry I was
For taking your life.